Moving out, again

J. Joab Garza
2 min readDec 4, 2019


It’s always fulfilling watching all my stuff disappear from my home as I start selling or giving things away.

As a Sagittarius, I’m used to getting up and going as quickly as possible. I’m agile in that I don’t own many things. Purging my items always reminds me of the first time I did it: I was 21, freshly kicked out of community college; I had a collection of books, some decorations, electronics that I remember either selling for super cheap or giving away. It was freeing to just bring back the vitals, nothing extra, nothing encumbering. My attachment to things has never existed and I think the same is true for my attachment to locations.

Moving excites me in a different way than anything else does. I like the unexpected nature of it, the thrill of seeing new things and exploring the nature around. I love people, new people, new faces and new habits. This move in particular is exciting because for the first time in my life I feel equally loved by the person I’m romantically involved with. She’s really the easiest thing about the move. The hardest part is the 1,600 mile journey to get to her. I don’t know the climate on my way up but I can only imagine snow and ice… those of which I am not entirely prepared to drive in. But, I’ll survive. I will be fine, because beyond that is the next step to something more exciting, more different than ever before.

I’ve traveled down and lived in Colombia, surrounded myself with uber conservative Christians in East Texas, spent my days in the liberal oasis of Austin where I thought I had met the girl I would love most – but life has pulled me north, to somebody I already know I love more than anybody before. I’ve never moved for love and I know this may be the last time I purge my belongings (at least in the fashion I’m used to purging) – I’ll find other things to metaphorically burns things to the ground, no worries there…

My heart is content. The future is narrower with the possibilities, more focused, more linear, comforted in knowing that the darling woman whom I love will encourage me to do the best I can do, to the be the best I can be and to take risks. I have her support and she has mine. This move, though I drive up alone, feels very much together.