Know your limitations

2 min readApr 8, 2019

I find myself at a place where I am seeking the right situation, the perfect storm to put out the masterpiece, to bring out the most important thing I have to say into the world. I have to be wide awake, well rested, not hungry, in a certain mood (based on what I’m writing), the setting must be ideal — zero distractions — maybe some meditation music humming in the backdrop, as I grasp for choice words. And then, when I finally attain the most satisfactory situation, I sit and write.

Silence. Not a key typed — instead I’m drawing — drawing a blank.

Nothing to say. No word feels worthy enough to sit upon the display canvas of those I wish to advise, impress, or entertain.

The perfect storm stirs quietly. I’ve found myself here time and time again: especially at the when I am trying to tackle a subject so daunting — it’s a subject I am afraid to fully meditate upon it, to truly examine with logic, reason, and objectively.

It’s the question of “Is there a God?” — which, personally, I do believe. But I am approaching the subject (or attempting to) with a high-level of objectivity. I am writing it for my “Life’s Toughests Questions” series and I’ve been sitting on it for 4 months now. I’ve been researching, reading and attempting to get inspired by some stroke of genius that will allow me to carry on with the necessary motivation to complete the essay.

Answering some of these major questions has been daunting, some of the questions taking much longer than others to answer. I’m getting by pretty well, but I also have to understand that I don’t really know the final and correct answer, and won’t know either.

When it comes to answering these questions, it’s important to fully acknowledge my limitations, to be aware that I won’t have the complete answers and it’s okay to begin writing something I know I won’t be able to complete. It is best to get the most out, to put on paper what is whirling around in your head — even if it remains unfinished.

Acknowledge the limitation, but don’t allow it to keep you from trying.