Does Love Exist?

J. Joab Garza
6 min readNov 20, 2018
Australia beach populated by those whom we can suppose love one another

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Does love exist?

Romantic. Unconditional. Familiar. Difficult. Worthwhile. Platonic. Kindred. Understanding. Warm. True. Eternal. Anxious. Unsettling. Self-sacrificing. Gentle. Giving. Forgiving. Spontaneous. Destined. Painful. Comforting.

Love can take shape admist all the above sentiments, but it is not the sum of all those parts.

Sure, we can be very much familiar with the emotional tidal waves experienced by Love, but these are merely symptoms and side effects of it.

We often feel these byproducts of Love as we swim deeper into the ocean of Love with somebody, but what is it exactly we are swimming into— or toward when we develop a relationship?

How can we be certain love actually does exist if we have no idea what it is?

Love is a refined emotion, it is one that resides over a large timeframe, it is a constant attitude, one subconscious in nature — it is less an emotion and more a mindset.

To think clearly upon the nature of love it is important to not mix it with the emotions it ignites, because the key factor to understanding Love doesn’t entirely involve how one feels at any given moment.

Emotions are flux and influenced, constantly churning, changing — increasing, decreasing at various times of the day. Emotions can’t be trusted when asking yourself, “Do I love this person?”

“What could be more convincing, moreover, than the gesture of laying one’s cards face up on the table?”
— Jacques Lacan

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