Cramped Headroom

Flying high with others on the success of a project in a shuttle built for one: That’s how I feel at times.

I’ve successfully began to build out a community through my venture and had an influx of new interest, continued loyalty from our players, followers, and those still eager to grab an NFT. It’s been wonderful. And now I’m trying to strike gold twice.

Crypto’s hefty. There’s a lot to do and a lot to go around when doing it. With the success of, I garnered the attention of others and agreed to join onto another project named Chipz: a decentralized betting platform that’s being developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

I’m a product and game designer — that’s what I bring to the table…and it also doesn’t hurt that I’ve got many years in marketing under my belt.

I manage a team of developers on both fronts now: and Chipz. I love it. It’s the best time ever, sharing your vision and getting input on what’s possible and what’s not. The success of propels my efforts at Chipz, and the connections and relationships I’m developing through Chipz is opening up a wide world of possibilities that I could not have afforded alone. is my first love, and that’s why it feels cramped at times when I get a feeling of needing to strike gold twice when formulating and advancing Chipz. I believe in large part the success of is because of the Tezos community. Chipz is having a harder time getting lift off because it’s in the over-saturated market of Ethereum.

Maybe we move to Tezos?

Our Chipz devs are doing phenomenal things to find solutions to save on fees in Ethereum. And we’re implementing some very cool decentralized aspects to betting that I believe will have more legs on a larger network like Ethereum.

It’s hard to say. We are just getting started with Chipz and the conversation and space shuttle I’m on could expand and feel less cramped 3 months from now. Nonetheless, I’m incredibly excited about the trajectory of both projects.

The potential is huge for both. And it’s crazy. There’s a certain nerve-shocking stress to launching a cryptocurrency, and I’m launching THREE next month: $GIF, $UNO, and $CHPZ will all be listed on decentralized platforms.

Holy shit. What a wild ride 2021 has been.

I’m braced, max headroom.

Let’s get more people on this shuttle, because we’re flying to places unknown.



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