A Media Company First

J. Joab Garza
2 min readNov 26, 2020

For three years Outerslant Media has been in business — dealing mostly in visual design, branding, video production, and marketing. Business has been good, yet the decision to expand and hiring on a staff has always been something I’ve kicked down the road. As of this year, Outerslant Media is now an LLC, with a staff of one: me. All the services are managed by me. I never had a need to expand.

Creating gif.games may change this.

Gif.games is one-third game development, one-third crypto, and one-third media company. As a project of Outerslant Media it’s important to remember that this project is a media project first. We have excelled as a media company, and this project will excel in all parts if we consider this a media project first.

Creative design and visual appeal have been the hallmark of successful NFT websites like SuperRare and Rarible, and good marketing helps tokens find a nice runway at launch. It’s remembering that connecting with the culture and society is what will take gif.games to the next level — a rising tide lifts all ships — a media company first, that rises as a gaming and crypto company; that’s the ambition.

Launching NFTs next week, and getting the ball rolling with the first round of the friends and family fundraising.

J. Joab Garza

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