Flying high with others on the success of a project in a shuttle built for one: That’s how I feel at times.

I’ve successfully began to build out a community through my venture and had an influx of new interest, continued loyalty from our players, followers, and those still eager to grab an NFT. It’s been wonderful. And now I’m trying to strike gold twice.

Crypto’s hefty. There’s a lot to do and a lot to go around when doing it. With the success of, I garnered the attention of others and agreed to join onto another project…

For three years Outerslant Media has been in business — dealing mostly in visual design, branding, video production, and marketing. Business has been good, yet the decision to expand and hiring on a staff has always been something I’ve kicked down the road. As of this year, Outerslant Media is now an LLC, with a staff of one: me. All the services are managed by me. I never had a need to expand.

Creating may change this. is one-third game development, one-third crypto, and one-third media company. As a project of Outerslant Media it’s important to remember that…

A roadmap and vision for $gif and microgame tokens

Moving my crypto announcements here to Medium as opposed to Substack — just like this platform more.

First things first. is a tokenized GIF collection of microgames. Offering games out to the public via twitter, facebook, instagram, and Buy, sell, and collect as many memorable GIF games in our market (coming soon on OpenSea)!

The NFT game is just getting started. Cryptokittens led the way, Rarible and OpenSea have made access to creating and displaying NFTs easier for the general public. Elements such as yield farming and staking have taken hold of DeFi and crypto in general. …

It’s always fulfilling watching all my stuff disappear from my home as I start selling or giving things away.

As a Sagittarius, I’m used to getting up and going as quickly as possible. I’m agile in that I don’t own many things. Purging my items always reminds me of the first time I did it: I was 21, freshly kicked out of community college; I had a collection of books, some decorations, electronics that I remember either selling for super cheap or giving away. It was freeing to just bring back the vitals, nothing extra, nothing encumbering. …

“Fuck self-image. Nobody is looking at me. Everybody is looking for me to be looking at them.”
— Travel journey entry from November 2015

You are the one laughing at yourself, the one cringing at your behavior, the one that won’t forgive yourself for stumbling your words in front of your crush – the one regretting what you said and how you behaved in front of those you cared to impress.

Nobody really cares about the Louis Vutton, the new car, the nice watch, or $700 tattoo. Nobody’s watching you. It’s just you patting yourself on the back.

Stop worrying…

This writing dates back to the Summer of 2006, I was twenty years old at the time of this writing. I remember scribbling it furiously, on a whim of inspiration, into a black five-subject notebook. I’ve since edited it, but the general foundations of the writing have been maintained. This work has had a major influence on my perspective regarding god, religion, or belief in general — I may not agree with parts of it now, but it is still incredibly important to my foundational beliefs.

We are washed. The philosophy and belief systems we encounter early in life have…

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

I find myself at a place where I am seeking the right situation, the perfect storm to put out the masterpiece, to bring out the most important thing I have to say into the world. I have to be wide awake, well rested, not hungry, in a certain mood (based on what I’m writing), the setting must be ideal — zero distractions — maybe some meditation music humming in the backdrop, as I grasp for choice words. And then, when I finally attain the most satisfactory situation, I sit and write.

Silence. Not a key typed — instead I’m drawing…

Photo by from Pexels

Your clit is tingling.

Your overweight husband is playing video games in the living room while eating a poorly-made sandwich you put together.

You’re waiting for your bi-weekly check to come so you can go buy that hand bag you saw hanging from a celebrity’s elbow on US Weekly.

You’re a bit of a cunt.

You spend your money before you have it, and rarely ever pay it back in full. You’re Lady Liberty, moist and loose, drooling over that Wet American Dream; fast-forwarded surreal misfortune, eyes locked on the television screen — Netflix binge. You’re lost, but for certain…

Recently, my nephew discovered the consequence of over-indulgence in the form of a tooth cavity. He finds his hand in the cookie jar too often, loves soda, and actively seeks candies of all forms. The tooth ache has now become a hurdle to his desire to continue to indulge in sweets. He has begun eating candy on the opposite side of his mouth, he can actively be seen fighting the pain to accomodate his sheer desire for more candy. His desire outweighs the consequences.

This behavior is much too familiar to individuals of all ages.

It is, although, more detrimental…

Setting goals and keeping them can be difficult when you have several things happening in life. Staying productive and efficient is it’s own goal.

Recently, I experienced a business partnership that moved at the pace of the turtle and had the mindset of the hare. There was all thinking and theory, but no bull’s eye. There was an abstract conceptualization of what was desired of the business but no concrete initiative or goals.

It is my stance in business partnerships that I particpate in (not iniatiate) to allow the entreprenuer to make their own mistakes, lead the way, and set…

J. Joab Garza

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